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Bees, Queens, Pollination & Insulated Hive Hardware

Post by JLM » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:55 am

Local beekeeper with over 35 years experience (in all the eastern states and ACT) and 100+ hives.

(1) Bees = budget starter Nucs. Lots of worker bees, a marked (easy for you to find) new Italian queen, 5 frames (with 2-3 frames of brood). $130 per Nuc either supplied in bee-proof transport box or placed directly into your own hive (only if it has never had bees in it = bio-security! ). Free 'at-the-hives' intro on pick-up of your nuc available - what better way to get to know your new bees! From October into Summer.

(2) 'ACT Region' Italian Queens = limited number (we are at the boutique end of the queen breeder scale, selling our surplus queens) of our locally raised 'ACT Region' queens. Their 'queen mother' is one of our breeder queens sourced from elite Australian queen breeders. Mated to a mix of drones from our best performing locally raised queens, commercial queens from major queen breeders and a few lucky stray drones. Available mid-late October through into Summer. Supplied in queen cage with worker escorts and irradiated candy. $25 each

(3) Pollination services = from 1 to 100 hives, up to 350km from Canberra/ACT region. Ask for details and prices.

(4) Insulated hive hardware = we are a local reseller of the Paradise 'Bee Box' light weight insulated hives. These come in 6 frame Nuc, 8 frame or 10 frame sizes. There are many types of 'bee boxes' and you should find the one(s) that suit your budget and beekeeping philosophy. We have found the Paradise 'Bee Box' insulated hives work best for us. Available as:

* 'Flat-pack hive kit' = you assemble and paint it.
* 'Ready for you to paint hive kit' = assembled by us, painted by you.
* 'Ready for your bees hive kit' = assembled and painted by us, you supply your own bees. Limited numbers available.
* 'Bees in an insulated Bee Box Hive' = assembled and painted by us, with one of our budget starter Nucs.
* Paradise 'Top Feeder'. We recommend you add one of these as well for easy sugar syrup feeding day or night, winter or summer, without a bee suit. No heat loss when opening the feeder.
* Poly outdoor hive strap with metal emlock buckle. $14.85 each

For more details please contact Jeff MATSEN on 0466 247 481 or

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