5 frame nucleus hives - order now for spring to avoid disappointment

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5 frame nucleus hives - order now for spring to avoid disappointment

Post by BetterBeeHives » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:06 pm

Hello beekeepers

Back by popular demand we are again offering 5 frame nucleus hives for Spring 2017, these are our gentle yet very productive honey bees that are ideally suited for new and experienced beekeepers alike. The frames we use are all full depth Langstroth frames but should you require something different to this please feel free to get in touch with us as we also can provide Warre and Topbar for those who chose to follow those paths.

These five frame nucleus hives are available in Spring and each has a 2017 Spring mated Italian queen bee, brood (larvae & pupae) nurse and field bees and an average of 10,001 bees ready to go to their new home, your hive. If you have a Flow Hive we can also install the nucleus hive of bees directly into your hive to make it easier for both you and the bees.

Please note: We are not supplying a swarm of bees with a queen of unknown age or honey bees of an unknown temperament but rather gentle productive Italian honey bees with a queen born in the Spring of 2017 that just love to collect nectar and turn it into honey. This helps to ensure that your colony of bees are off to the very best start from the outset, simple as that.

A bonus of a stainless steel 'J' shaped hive tool is again included in this years nucleus hive order as every beekeeper knows you can never have too many hive tools.......

Please call me, text me or send me and email to lock in your order.

Thank you for your time.

aka 'The Honeybee Whisperer'
Tel: 0414 501 578
Email: bbh@iinet.net.au

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