Advice on hive inspection- weekend 9/10 Sept?

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Advice on hive inspection- weekend 9/10 Sept?

Post by quince » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:26 pm

We become members last year however we’re working more than full time and don’t have a chance to come and do any more training at this stage. We did attend an introduction to beekeeping at your open day earlier in the year, and I’ve attended a course out past Bungendore however it wasn’t hands on.
We are fostering a hive for friends for a few years (they have moved to the NT). The bees came to live with us in April. We are in Hackett. We’ve never done a proper hive inspection on this hive. The owner of the hives had a quick look in April (he pulled out 2 frames), and other than deciding that they didn’t have much honey store for the winter it wasn’t a very thorough look. Since then the bees are active and we have been feeding them a sugar syrup most days. We’ve also restricted the entrance to the hive to keep robber bees away.
But now that Spring is almost here we are hoping someone might be able to pop over and help us to fully inspect the hive and to let us know if the queen should be replaced etc. The hive did swarm last year apparently and we think that means that they replaced their queen and she is still ok. We don’t know much in general. If someone had a few hours to spare to visit us next weekend in Hackett (9/10 Sept) that would be really appreciated. Please let me know. cheers Suzanne
My email is and is the best contact at the moment.

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