'Fostering' Hives query

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'Fostering' Hives query

Post by HerbalMedLady » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:05 am

Jon Justin suggested I post this query here, so here goes.

My name is Sarina and I attended a Backyard Beekeeping introductory session earlier this year presented by Cormack. Incidentally, my father (Clem Lusso) is a past president of the association.

I was wondering whether there was anyone in the association who is struggling to find locations for hives, and whether I could offer my backyard as a suitable location to 'foster a hive/s'. I have a sizeable garden with wicking beds and a wide variety of plants, trees, herbs etc. which would benefit from pollination, easy access to fresh water and our pool water (judging by all the bees that are recently congregating there), although I would be willing to put in additional bee-loving plants if that would help, and would prefer to do this sooner rather than later this year. My gardening philosophy is based on organic, sustainability principles and allowing nature to do it's thing. The house is on a corner block that has more than the required distances from neighbours and public paths and I'm sure we can find some really good east facing positions for the hive(s) and the bees to be happy.

I would be able to organise easy access to maintain them and I can, when available, be able to assist if required. I am extremely interested in learning about keeping bees, but for the next two years will be unable to commit 100% to doing a course and keeping up the necessary maintenance for their maximum welfare. Hence, my enquiry to partner with someone that would look after them properly but is in need of a location. I am based in Wanniassa.

Happy to discuss.
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