Beekeeping Field Day - 20th Feb 2016

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Beekeeping Field Day - 20th Feb 2016

Post by Jonj » Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:36 am

Our Association is hosting a beekeeping field day at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands on Saturday 20 Feb 2016.We encourage all our members to come along, and bring a friend as well. The theme is "Good beekeeper - Good neighbour".

See the post below for the LATEST details about the day's events.

Dr Doug Somerville is one of the key NSW DPI beekeeping specialists and keeps 100 hives 'at home' as well in Goulburn. He will conduct an interactive question and answer session at some of our hives, covering his 'four pillars' of beekeeping and any question you might wish to ask him. This is a great opportunity for us to learn how to be a good beekeeper.

Sam Malfroy is a beekeeping project officer at Plant Health Australia in Canberra and comes from a beekeeping family. He will cover bee pests and diseases at some of our hives, including varroa testing techniques and answer any questions you might have. Not only can this information help us to be a good beekeeper, but also a good neighbour (to those living next to our hives, other beekeepers nearby and the wider community).

Des Cannon lives near Canberra and is the editor of the Australasian Beekeeper Magazine, a queen breeder and was previously a commercial beekeeper and has a long standing involvement in the beekeeping industry. He will cover beekeeper safety (bee stings, lifting, and other topics), which could be described as the 5th pillar of beekeeping. Again this will be a practical session at the hives. This is a great chance for us all to pick up some ideas to improve the safety of our beekeeping for ourselves and others.
Wetlands Apiary.png
One of two sections in the "Vineyard" Apiary at Jerrabomberra Wetlands. Kenyan Top Bar hive at rear and four Langstroth hives (wood, Technoset plastic and Paradise foam). The yellow and green on the far right will be replaced with a flow hive when it arrives. On the far left rear a cream coloured Warré hive can be seen and another Kenyan Top Bar hive.
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Click to see a Map of the area and a photo of the road and entrance

We have invited a range of local and more distant bee gear sellers to come along and display some of their bee equipment. So far Pender’s Beekeeping Supplies (Sydney), Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies (Sydney), Bees R Us (Braidwood) and Australasian Beekeeper Magazine have confirmed they will be attending. We are still waiting on responses from a number of other bee gear sellers. Our aim is to have as wide a range of sellers on the day so you can not only see their wares but ask the seller any questions.

Finally, we will end the day with a guided tour of our Association hives.
Entry is free, food and drinks will be available. Regardless of the weather the event will go ahead (worst case indoors).

Jeff Matsen, Hive Manager

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Latest Information

Post by Dick » Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:55 pm

BAACTI Beekeeping Field Day 20 Feb 16 - Canberra ACT 5.png
Open the following PDF to print a hard copy of the schedule of events.
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Click to see a Map of the area and a photo of the road and entrance
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